Transgenic Mouse and Rat Services

Transgenic ServicesTransViragen is a premier provider of transgenic and knockout mice and rats.  From design of a custom model through cryopreservation of an established rodent line, TransViragen offers the most comprehensive service offerings for custom model generation and colony management in the industry.   This complete selection of services, makes us a “one-stop” resource for all of your genetically modified rodent model needs.

TransViragen’s custom model generation capabilities encompass all types of mouse and rat models, including transgenic, BAC transgenic, knockout and knock-in mice and rats.   Our technologies enable us to create models with spatiotemporal control of the desired genetic modification, facilitating generation of inducible transgenic, conditional knockout and conditional knock-in mice or rats.  And our custom model generation packages are accompanied by full-service guarantees that are unsurpassed in the industry.

Beyond model generation, TransViragen offers a full suite of services for the expansion, characterization, maintenance and cryopreservation of transgenic mouse and rat lines.  These services can be integrated with custom model generation projects or performed as independent services on existing models.

TransViragen’s transgenic mouse and rat service offerings provide clients with convenience and flexibility for their model generation and colony management needs.   from concept to validated model production to long term maintenance and storage.  Whether you require a full-service package or individual component services, our expert staff is ready to serve you.   Our clients have come to value the TransViragen advantage for reliable, timely and cost-effective solutions to their research model needs.

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Custom Model Generation

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Colony Management Services

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