Viral Vector Services

Viral Vector ServicesTransViragen offers a selection of services for the design, production and validation of viral vectors to achieve overexpression or knockdown of target genes.   We develop viral vector reagents that serve as versatile research tools, having applications for both cell-based and in vivo investigations.  From design of RNAi motifs through in vivo study support, our viral vector services provide clients with a cost-effective means of quickly assessing gene function.  Our fully customizable service offerings include:

  • RNAi Motif Design & Validation
  • Cloning of Expression Cassettes
  • Custom AAV Vector Production (Serotypes 1-6, 8, 9)
  • Custom Adenoviral Vector Production
  • Custom Lentivirus Production
  • Gene Expression Analysis
  • In Vivo Delivery and Study Support

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