Company Profile

TransViragen is a women-owned small business founded in North Carolina in 2009. A privately-held contract research company, TransViragen specializes in the provision of genetically modified model services for the biomedical community.   Our senior management team, comprised of PhD and MBA level scientists, has extensive experience in the design, development and utilization of genetically modified rodent models. In large part due to our reputation for unrivaled customer service and quality, TransViragen has become a premier provider of services for the generation and analysis of genetically modified rodent models. TransViragen has generated more than 500 custom models and provided services to numerous clients at nearly 100 different institutions worldwide.

TransViragen offers the most comprehensive selection of services in the industry, including free consultation during which our expert scientists will provide guidance on model design based on specific model requirements.   With a focus on customer satisfaction, TransViragen provides comprehensive service guarantees and assurances that are unsurpassed in the industry. Our distinct portfolio of services combined with our expertise, commitment to excellence and affordable pricing make TransViragen a valued partner in helping our clients achieve their research goals.

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