Free Consultation

TransViragen provides free consultation services as a component of our commitment to customer service.  Our expert scientific staff will take the time to consult with you, gain an understanding of your specific project requirements and provide guidance on model design options suited to your specific needs.  We conduct a thorough assessment of the project, identify the most relevant and innovative approach to meet the project specifications, and provide a timeline for completion of milestones.  TransViragen is also available as a resource for your grant proposals, providing scientific descriptions of model generation approaches and letters of support to clients for their grant applications.

Free Expert ConsultationOnce a project is initiated, the consultation process continues throughout the duration of the project.  TransViragen assures that all clients receive regular communications and project updates from a dedicated customer representative with detailed knowledge of their project at each step of the process.

TransViragen’s consultation services enable us to understand your project requirements, provide guidance on specific design options and conduct your project in an interactive manner to meet your precise research needs.

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