Molecular Biology Services

DNA RenderingTransViragen offers a full range of services that enable us to meet all of your molecular biology needs.  No matter the scope of your requirements, whether a single cloning step or complex vector construction, our expert molecular biologists are ready to support your research program.  All of our molecular biology services are fully customizable and can be integrated as part of a package with other service offerings or performed as an individual component service.  TransViragen provides comprehensive, cost-effective and timely solutions to meet your specific molecular biology needs.

Our fully customizable service offerings include:

  • Nuclease-Based Genome Editing
  • Nuclease Reagent Design & Validation
  • Allele Analysis & Design
  • BAC Recombineering
  • Targeting Vector Construction
  • Southern Blotting
  • Genotyping
  • DNA Cloning & Purification

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