TransViragen’s Full Service Guarantees

TransViragen is committed to customer satisfaction, providing high quality service to our clients coupled with flexible service options to meet their individual needs.  As an extension of our focus on customer satisfaction, we offer comprehensive service guarantees for custom model generation that are unsurpassed in the industry.  We extend these full service guarantees to provide our customers with reassurance that their projects will be successful:

  • Guaranteed generation of targeted ES cells, high percentage chimeras and germline transmission for gene targeting projects that utilize TransViragen’s ES cells
  • Guaranteed production of a minimum of three founders containing intact transgene insertions for transgenic and BAC transgenic projects

In the unlikely event that the guaranteed level of service is not achieved, a full refund will be provided.  Full service guarantees are applied to all projects for which TransViragen designs and generates the targeting vector or transgene constructs, as well as to gene targeting projects utilizing targeting vectors from the International Knockout Mouse Consortium (KOMP / EUCOMM / NorCOMM).  Other projects may also qualify for guaranteed service, the determination of which is made through a project consultation between TransViragen and the client.

TransViragen’s Assurances

In addition to our full service guarantees, TransViragen offers additional assurances that provide our clients with peace of mind.

  • TransViragen assures the health status of all animals generated and maintained within our facilities as specific pathogen-free (SPF)
  • TransViragen assures that clients retain ownership and intellectual property rights of their models
  • TransViragen assures that all clients receive regular communications and project updates from a dedicated customer representative with detailed knowledge of their project

Our guarantees and assurances are just one aspect of the exceptional customer service that we are committed to delivering and that our clients have come to value.

Guarantee Full Service

TransViragen’s Comprehensive Full Service Guarantees are unsurpassed in the industry